90% of us are magnesium deficient. Here are 10 signs you’re not getting enough…

90% of us are magnesium deficient. Here are 10 signs you’re not getting enough…
By Kirsten Cowart

Magnesium is an essential mineral that your body needs in order to have a healthy immune system, regulate blood pressure, process stress, maintain healthy bones, balance your hormones and so much more.

Unfortunately – it is estimated that over 90% of people in the U.S. are magnesium deficient!

So unless you don’t suffer from stress, live by the ocean, eat food from magnesium rich soils, and drink magnesium rich water then you may need to read this.

Magnesium Deficiency- A New Problem

Unfortunately, because of the way we farm the land today many of our magnesium rich soils have run out of essential minerals. This means that fruits, veggies and even many animals that graze on plants are not as healthy as they once were.

What makes this problem worse is that when we add harmful chemicals to our water such as chlorine and fluoride it will bind to the magnesium making it much harder for our bodies to absorb.

Diet is Also an Issue

If you consume high levels of sugar or caffeine then you are actually causing issues with your body’s magnesium supply. These chemicals can deplete the natural magnesium in the body while making it hard for us to regular our calcium levels.

Though a lot can go wrong when you have low amounts of such an important mineral as magnesium here are 10 of the biggest issues that can come about.

1. Anxiety & Depression

No one likes being depressed and trying to deal with anxiety is terrifying to say the least. Though there can be many factors to cause these common issues it is important to make sure that your body has everything it needs to heal.

Magnesium deficiency has been linked to many mental health issues and Psychology Today thinks they may know why:



Protecting our brain cells is extremely important for long term health and function in day to day life. That is why we strongly recommend if nothing else you protect your brain by getting enough magnesium. If that isn’t enough to convince you we ask you to consider the following as well.

2. Calcification of Your Arteries

When your magnesium levels are out of whack your calcium levels often get too high. Calcification of the arteries is another way of saying that the walls of your flexible and life giving arteries are suddenly as rigid as bone.

This rigidity makes it really easy to have further complication including heart attacks. [2] If you show up to a hospital because of a heart attack the doctors will quickly give you a shot to help prevent calcification and blood clotting which is made out of magnesium chloride.

According to a study done by Framingham you can even lower your long term risk of coronary heart disease by making sure that you get enough magnesium. [1]

3. High Blood Pressure & Hypertension

While we are on the topic of the heart and blood vessels it is important to understand the importance of magnesium when it comes to hypertension and high blood pressure.

One Harvard study found that people with healthy blood pressure also had the best magnesium intake. Another study done by the University of Minnesota found that women who ate plenty of magnesium could reduce their risk of hypertension by up to 70%!

People with high blood pressure can help reduce that number by taking supplements with magnesium or making sure to increase foods high in magnesium. [3]

4. Cramps & Muscle Spasms

Since magnesium helps to regulate so much within the body while also helping to keep calcium in check it is no wonder that having a low level of magnesium can cause muscle spasms, cramps and stiffness.

In fact, the next time you are having these symptoms try adding potassium to your diet such as a banana or avocado and if that doesn’t relieve the symptoms I recommend getting some magnesium.

5. Low Energy

Without the right amount of magnesium in your body the cells don’t get the right amount of energy. In order for your cells to consume energy they need a magnesium ion. This means that you aren’t just tired, your cells are exhausted and starving for energy.

This unfortunately can lead to many different problems from stress all the way to a weakened and sluggish immune system.

6. Problems Sleeping

If having low energy wasn’t enough, someone who is low in magnesium may also have problems getting enough sleep. Magnesium is very important when it comes to being able to relax both your mind and your body. It specifically works by making sure your GABA neurotransmitters allow your brain to slip into a restful level of sleep. It also helps your body absorb vitamin D which is important for making melatonin and getting proper rest.

If you feel restless and what I often call ‘too tired to fall asleep‘ then you may want to add magnesium into your daily life. Trust me you will be grateful in the morning.

7. Hormone Unbalance

If you have high levels of progesterone or estrogen which is common during pregnancy then you most likely have low levels of magnesium in your body. This can lead to common muscle complaints such as leg cramps.

During menstrual cycles and pregnancy it is very common to crave chocolate which is actually a decent source of magnesium. The next time you find your self craving chocolate you may want to also load up on the common foods that are packed with magnesium that we will share with you below.

8. Other Pregnancy Complaints

Your mood, morning sickness, and health during pregnancy is often linked with magnesium levels. In fact, if you are wanting to stay balanced and reduce your nausea then make sure you have a healthy amount of magnesium rich foods in your diet.

Transdermal Magnesium is common during pregnancies to help keep away hypertension, muscle cramps, headaches and even preterm labor making it extremely important.

9. Healthy Bones

While we have all been taught that calcium is good for our bones we often are not taught that magnesium is essential also. This simple mineral is needed for your body to absorb vitamin D, and properly use calcium. This means that magnesium’s job in your body is to get the hormone known as calcitonin to pull calcium out of your tissue and muscles and make sure it gets back into your bones where it belongs.

10. Other Mineral Deficiencies

Without magnesium doing its job your body cannot keep a normal amount of vitamin D, calcium, vitamin K, potassium or other essential nutrients. So much of your body is dependent upon this simple mineral that it is crucial that you make sure that you have enough of it in your diet.

How to make sure your are getting enough Magnesium

You can get magnesium from specific organic foods that were grown in magnesium rich soils such as spinach, avocados, chard, bananas, black beans, pumpkin seeds, almonds and figs. You can also get magnesium from chocolate (I prefer cacao) and yogurt.

Magnesium can also come from supplements and many doctors recommend that adults take 1,000 mg/day and children take 400-500mg/day. However, if you find that these supplements irritate your stomach you can get them in the form of transdermal injection from a doctor or there are even magnesium sprays you can use on your skin before bed each night. Just make sure that whatever you do you are getting enough to keep your body in balance.

Image by wikihow under a Creative Commons license.

Worth repeating: medical marijuana defeats Crohn’s Disease

Worth repeating: medical marijuana defeats Crohn’s Disease
By David Downs on March 12, 2016 at 7:00 AM

Crohn’s Disease afflicts 700,000 Americans a year (CDC)
Medical marijuana can manage and sometimes cause the complete remission of Crohn’s Disease symptoms like pain, inflammation, cramping and nausea.
Thousands of medical cannabis patients will tell you medical marijuana can treat and suppress the pain, inflammation, cramping and nausea of Crohn’s Disease. New studies come out every year backing up the evidence for use of the herb to treat the widespread gut ailment, whether by smoking, vaping, edibles, and other options. Patients are saying there is an alternative to toxic prescription drugs, and access to it is expanding.

The case for medical marijuana for Crohn’s Disease
The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America — which notes that opioids are a treatment for Crohn’s pain — doesn’t mention the word “marijuana” or “cannabis” on their web site once.

Which is strange, because the medical history, as well as cell, animal and human trials make a rock-solid case for cannabis as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Medical cannabis is legal in some form in 35 states, as well as several countries.

The auto-immune related disease of the digestive system is thought incurable and can often result in surgery. About 1.4 million Americans are thought to have some form of IBD, and a range of anti-inflammatories and narcotic painkillers are often prescribed.

Treating and stopping inflammatory bowel disease with existing drugs is “currently one of the biggest challenges in the field of gastroenterology,” researchers note.

Researchers noted in 2011, that “A significant number of patients with IBD currently use marijuana. Most patients find it very helpful for symptom control, including patients with ulcerative colitis.”

Lab evidence for marijuana for Crohn’s
The evidence is indisputable, cannabis’ active ingredients — the cannabinoids — interact like keys in a lock with receptors on nerve cells — primarily in the brain, but also in the gut.

cannabis for crohn’s disease illustration
CB1 and CB2 receptor concentrations are high in the brain and gut. (Pharmacology, 2014)
Researchers wrote for a paper in Pharmacology in 2014 that “In ancient medicine, cannabis has been widely used to cure disturbances and inflammation of the bowel. … In a prospective placebo-controlled study, it has been shown what has been largely anticipated from anecdotal reports, i.e. that cannabis produces significant clinical benefits in patients with Crohn’s disease. The mechanisms involved are not yet clear but most likely include peripheral actions on cannabinoid receptors 1 and 2, and may also include central actions.”

In 2002, researchers noted that THC “modulates the immune response of T lymphocytes” to decrease pro-inflammatory reactions. “This may explain why THC is effective against inflammation … in multiple sclerosis, CROHN’s disease and arthritis.”

German researchers noted in 2004 that “the cannabinoid system plays an important role in inflammation of the large intestine (colon). A synthetic cannabinoid and endocannabinoids prevented experimental inflammation of the colon in mice.”

In 2013, researchers noted that pot molecule cannabidiol appears to be a gut protectant. CBD interrupts runaway inflammation in the bowel, by reducing the damage to bowel muscosa from the pro-inflammatory substance interleukin 17A.

And in 2014, researchers noted that boosting the body’s’ endocannabinoid system stopped ulcerative colitis in mice. Researchers used a custom anandamide inhibitor in the lab. Pot smoke contains anandamide analog THC.

Human Proof
A 2011 questionnaire of 291 Israeli patients found “cannabis use is common amongst patients with IBD for symptom relief, particularly amongst those with a history of abdominal surgery, chronic abdominal pain and/or a low quality of life index. … 33 per cent of patients with colitis ulcerosa and 50 per cent of patients with CROHN’s disease have used [cannabis] to relieve symptoms related to inflammatory bowel disease, including abdominal pain, diarrhoea and reduced appetite.”

[Sponsored link: Care By Design Sublingual CBD:THC Sprays]CBD_Spray_18-1

A small human trial in Israel in 2011 found that “Of the 30 patients 21 improved significantly after treatment with cannabis. The average Harvey Bradshaw index improved from 14 to 7. The need for other medication was significantly reduced. Thus, before cannabis use 26 patients used corticosteroids, but only 4 after start of the cannabis therapy. Fifteen of the patients had 19 surgeries during an average period of 9 years before cannabis use, but only 2 required surgery during an average period of 3 years of cannabis use.” Authors concluded that “this is the first report of cannabis use in CROHN’s disease in humans. The results indicate that cannabis may have a positive effect on disease activity, as reflected by reduction in disease activity index and in the need for other drugs and surgery.”

In 2013, researchers reported “complete remission” of Crohn’s Disease Activity in 5 of 11 cannabis test subjects in a prospective 21-person placebo-controlled study. Eight weeks of THC-rich cannabis “produced significant clinical, steroid-free benefits to 10 of 11 patients with active Crohn’s disease, compared with placebo, without side effects. Further studies, with larger patient groups and a nonsmoking mode of intake, are warranted.”

And patients aren’t just smoking pot to help regulate the ECS in the gut. They’re vaping, dabbing, or taking low-dose edibles, and suppositories

Sensi-CBD1[Sponsored link: Sensi Chew CBD Gold 1:1 medicated chew]

As for smoking, researchers in the 2013 trial, reported that “no significant side effects” were associated with cannabis inhalation. Test subjects reported improved appetite and sleep compared to placebo group.

Patients also report learning to tolerate the side effects, as well as take high-CBD, low-THC formulations. Cannabis is also far less addictive that opioids and doesn’t damage the liver like long-term use of many NSAIDs.

Cannabis is medically legal in 23 states and CBD is legal in 12 more, and counting, and patients in pain aren’t waiting for more medical proof. That’s why it’s worth repeating: medical marijuana helps treat Crohn’s Disease.

[Smell the Truth editor David Downs is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author. The Medical Marijuana Guide Book — comes out this Spring 2016.]

I finally got it completely out of my house, you should too

First realize that even without being diagnosed with cancer, we all have at least a few cancerous cells floating around in our “inner terrain”. A decent immune system residing in a slightly alkaline or neutral pH inner terrain is able to fend them off and keep them from colonizing into tumorous masses.
On the other hand, those who indulge primarily in the SAD (Standard American Diet), which includes lots of factory farmed meat and junk foods saturated with refined sugars or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which processed foods use even with their non-sweet products to keep you addicted, along with all those refined carbs in refined grain baked products, are adding fuel (literally) to the fire of cancer.

Mainstream oncology ignores this 1930s Nobel Prize discovery by Otto Warburg, aka the “Warburg Effect”: When normal cells begin to lack oxygen respiration to utilize glucose and nutrients metabolically for cellular energy, they depend on fermenting sugar to thrive without oxygen and become cancerous.

Getting chemo
Yum … ice cream with my chemo!

Instead oncologists administer chemo IV therapies while giving their patients ice cream and cookies as the poison is injected into them. Big profits from the treatment and selling those toxic drugs at a profit also. “Cancer cells consume sugar about 19x faster than healthy cells.” – Dr. Murray Susser, MD
Mainstream medicine refuses to look into diet as a function of potential metabolic dysfunction that helps promote and maintain cancer while asserting genetic disposition as a primary cause of cancer.
Their hubris and incredible profits thrive from toxic interventions such as chemotherapy and radiation. The first concern with preventing or eliminating cancer should be what you put into your body. That gives you control over cancer.

hfcsrgb-e1284390702918It’s a no-brainer when it comes to avoiding sodas, juices with added sugars, pastries, candies, and processed foods that use processed grains and even add sugar or HFCS to foods that are not even sweet. That’s to keep you addicted even if you can’t taste it. Refined sugar is actually addictive, some claim it’s even as addictive as cocaine.

A Recent Study That Makes Sugar Carcinogenic

But now it’s even worse. Green Med Info has uncovered a study that seems to be hidden from the public eye and is certainly not welcome within our orthodox oncology system. It would cramp the food and soda business’s profits if refined sugar is seen as carcinogenic.

The study, “Increased sugar uptake promotes oncogenesis via EPAC/RAP1 and O-GlcNAc pathways” was published in the 2013-2014 Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI). Because it is a free access journal, you can access the full text, not just the abstract, here.

I wonder how come this study hasn’t made much of a stir in our sick-care system since it is so accessible. Instead it was dug up by a research scout for Green Med Info.

It is of course full of biochemical details, which is what medical people are supposed to be familiar with. So for now, let’s be content with a layman’s summary report of their study, which was an in vitro (cultures, petri dishes, and test tubes) study as opposed to an in vivo (animal or human) study. This way they could really play around with and analyze the results with total control.

Here’s the bottom line of this study: Increased glucose uptake leads to early phases of cancer cell creation while curbing glucose intake reversed cancerous cells into normal cells. In other words, sugar is carcinogenic as well as fodder for already existing cancer cells.

It’s important to not confuse the enormous amount of refined sugar, table sugar or HFCS, one takes in with sodas and processed foods with naturally occurring sugars and fructose in plant foods, regardless of how high the glycemic index may be. Fruit juices don’t need added sugars, but many fruit juices have sugar added. That’s the type of beverage or food that needs to be avoided.

sugar-infographic1But table sugar is refined, and most off the shelf breads and pastries are composed of refined grains that are refined carbohydrates, which become sugar instantly without any compensating nutrition. They are processed out of whole foods to be independent of other compounds that balance natural whole foods to make them beneficial.

An interesting informative excerpt from the Cancer Tutor:
Dr. Tony [Antonio] Jimenez hypothesizes that sugar from Organic Produce may not contribute to cancer cell growth like its adulterated counterpart [refined sugar/HFCS]. He explains that human mammalian cells absorb levorotatory (left spinning) molecules, while cancer cells can only assimilate dextrorotatory (right spinning) molecules.

Essentially, fruits in their natural state contain left spinning sugars, whereas GMO-influenced fruits consist only of right spinning sugars. Dr. Jimenez concludes that the glycemic index is not nearly as important as the source and lineage of the fruits and vegetables we eat. As an example, Dr. Max Gerson used Carrot Juice as a successful alternative therapy, despite its high glycemic index.

An Easy Tip That’s Not So Easy for Many

So here is the simplicity of it all. Avoid putting adding sugar to your foods and drinks, avoid all sweets and processed foods, even the ones not obviously sweet contain added refined sugars to keep you coming back for more because of its addictive quality.

This is harder for most than you may think. I met an American woman in Mexico who was advised to return to Texas and have a top cancer hospital determine the status of a mass detected in her gastrointestinal tract. I advised her to lay off sugar because if did turn out to be cancer it would exacerbate her condition.

She slumped and groaned slightly, indicating the impossibility of such an abstinence for her. I have read enough reports from spouses, friends, and relatives that show many are unwilling to make dietary changes to cure cancer, and whatever therapy they had used did fail probably because of that.

Many would rather just do what their doctors’ say and eat and drink what they want. And some want the same freedom even while avoiding chemo or radiation. This is especially true among those who use cannabis as a “silver bullet” to treat their cancer.

Despite all the carcinogenic chemicals that blanket our biosphere, we do have one area that’s in our control – avoiding refined sugars and carbohydrates.

Paul Fassa is a contributing staff writer for REALfarmacy.com. His pet peeves are the Medical Mafia’s control over health and the food industry and government regulatory agencies’ corruption. Paul’s valiant contributions to the health movement and global paradigm shift are world renowned. Visit his blog by following this link and follow him on Twitter here.

Sources and References

Am I really not my body?

All the guru’s and now science is saying the same thing.. That we are not our bodies… so here is an example, something to try it takes about a minutes, close your eyes. You know that sense of self that we were all born with that sense of ‘I AM’? I’m wondering more and more about where that sense of ‘I AM’ is located in the body. Closing my eyes and imagining both legs and arms are removed but I still have that sense of self in the body… Ok lets say there is only my head and my heart left and the heart is removed do I still feel that ‘Sense of Self’ Well, yes. there is still a ‘Sense of Self’ that Sense of I AM… Ok, lets say I can take the brain and put it in a jar of formaldehyde, now is there still a feeling of Sense of Self… yes and if so is it inside the jar with the brain or outside looking at the jar with the brain in it…. Wow for me It’s like I can see the jar with the brain in it so I must not be anywhere in the body…

Cancer and the Ketogenic Diet

Seems you are doing great and have taken control of your health and beating cancer. I had not done a lot of research on this WOE ‘Ketogenic Diet’ and cancer but I solely believe in Dr. Warburg’s findings…

“All normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen – a rule without exception. “Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.” Dr. Warburg has made it clear that the root cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency, which creates an acidic state in the human body. Dr Warburg also discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic (do not breathe oxygen) and cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen, as found in an alkaline state.. and winning the Nobel Prize… We have to try and keep the acid out of our bodies…processed sugar is a biggie and you won’t be consuming that on this diet… There are a lot of theories as to what cause cancer etc… and we know it is a man made disease no doubt… Seems all hell broke loose after the Industrial Revolution and the invent of Processed Foods.. when I started nursing school cancer was almost unheard of we might have one patient in the entire hospital and all the nurses would know and talk about the cancer patient on whatever floor. There are different causes of cancer as is the differnet things that come in contact with our bodies like certain processed food, certain chemicals, lotions, deodorants, etc etc… but the main thing I want to say here is we have to try and keep our Immune Systems as strong as possible.. see the thing about chemotherapy in treating cancer is it kills/severely weakens the Immune System, when it can’t fight anymore, the patient succumbed to the disease. Our Immune System is what keeps us alive, it fights for us… 80% is in our guts and is why I say Detox then fill your gut with good bacteria ‘probiotics’ that feed and strengthens it. not store bought probiotics but what you can make at home in your kitchen so you know exactly what you are eating. Careful what you choose to Detox your body with..

I have a Detox group on fb called ‘Diatomaceous Earth for body mind and spirit.. and it is a natural detox, no additives, just straight from the ground, I call it dirt. I started the Ketogenic Diet after I noticed my blood pressure and blood sugar was creeping up and my Doc was talking blood pressure pills… started eating low carb and both were within normal limits by my next visit a month later.. this was over 2 years ago. Bottom line, seems our health depends on what we put in our mouth and on our bodies, just something to think about.

The American Cancer Society Admitted That Untreated Cancers sometimes Go Away Naturally

The American Cancer Society Admitted That Untreated Cancers Often Go Away Naturally
Published on December 9, 2014 in Overall Health by Get Holistic Health

While researching the use of alternative therapies that were utilized by Suzanne Somers, we came across doctors and media outlets who desperately tried to malign her reputation. Their responses were so hasty that they accidentally revealed statistics that are not normally shared with the public.

“We’re finding that about 25 to 30 percent of some cancers stop growing at some point, that can make some treatments look good that aren’t doing anything. Until doctors figure out how to identify which patients have cancers that won’t progress, the only option is to treat everyone.”

— Dr. Otis Brawley, American Cancer Society’s Chief Medical Officer

While some people might consider 25 to 30 percent to be a relatively low percentage, this is actually much higher than the success rate for chemotherapy. The true life-long cure rate bounces between 2 and 4 percent for orthodox treatments. When compared, 30% suddenly becomes a very impressive figure with a gain of 10 times. Of course, this number speaks only for those who supposedly get no treatments at all. Alternative therapies get better life-long cure rates than 30%, but these numbers are not discussed publicly by medical officials, and rarely in private. Why aren’t these figures ever given to patients who are diagnosed with cancer? Why are they instead told the lie that they will certainly die if they refuse chemotherapy and radiation when almost the opposite is true?


Image Credits

We have searched tirelessly for the success rates of those who decided to walk away from all treatments for several years, but we only found it when the American Cancer Society stumbled in its attempts to defend its bruised reputation from meekly Susan Somers. Why didn’t they publicly release those numbers before? The recovery of Suzanne Somers was obviously quite embarrassing for them, because not only is she one of many who has cured herself of cancer permanently (not just 5 years of survival) but she also went public about her experiences with alternative treatments. Had she religiously followed the orthodox therapies, she would have had a 96% chance of not being alive, and her protracted death would have been truly horrific.

The quotation cited earlier makes another interesting point. Doctors really have no clue which cancers will progress, and which ones will not. Therefore, we must ask if early testing is really a good idea. With early testing, not only do the tests actually stimulate cancers through radiation, cutting, and poisoning, but doctors frequently discover anomalies that would otherwise naturally disappear if left alone. They always treat those abnormalities, and the patients almost always die from the treatments. People nowadays die from the treatments instead of the cancers, and this is shown in the establishment’s own statistics. Whenever a body is exposed to chemotherapy, cancers will strike sooner or later regardless of whether they existed initially. All chemotherapy drugs are carcinogenic, and they weaken all healthy cells. This is admitted in the official literature for adverse effects for all of the so-called anti-cancer medications, and massive cellular destruction is officially a part of standard treatments by design. They claim that their medicines attack the weaker cancer cells, but they actually do that by attacking all of the cells, and thereby the very immune system that is so critical for recovery.

“Call it the arrow of cancer. Like the arrow of time, it was supposed to point in one direction. Cancers grew and worsened. But as a paper in The Journal of the American Medical Association noted last week, data from more than two decades of screening for breast and prostate cancer call that view into question. Besides finding tumors that would be lethal if left untreated, screening appears to be finding many small tumors that would not be a problem if they were left alone, undiscovered by screening. They were destined to stop growing on their own or shrink, or even, at least in the case of some breast cancers, disappear.”

— Gina Kolata, the New York Times, October 26, 2009

The success rate of curing cancer is not going to rise much in orthodox medicine, because it is unwilling to consider any less profitable methodologies. A rise in orthodox cancer treatment success rates would indicate that their methods of calculating cure rates have changed, not the actual survival rates. It is how the science of modern medicine is cooked. Barely surviving for 5 years is currently counted as a successful cure, but patients usually die between the 5 and 10 year mark. It is called “cooking the books” in accounting circles. Most people are shocked when they learn that those who die during drug trials are censored from the records, because the departed did not “complete the study”. Getting killed in an experimental drug trial actually helps a drug company’s chance of getting that drug approved, because those who get the sickest are not counted.

“Success of most chemotherapies is appalling… There is no scientific evidence for its ability to extend in any appreciable way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancer… Chemotherapy for malignancies too advanced for surgery, which accounts for 80% of all cancers, is a scientific wasteland.”

— Dr. Ulrich Abel

If the cancer industry were really concerned about scientific progress, then it would not hide its own statistics. Truth does not fear investigation. Instead, its numbers are repeatedly covered up, and the scientific community eliminates from its ranks anyone who refuses to accept the establishment’s zealous dogma. It is not science. It is politics, and a very deadly form of it.

“Two to four percent of cancers respond to chemotherapy.”

— Ralph Moss, Ph.D

Original source of the article: http://healthwyze.org/index.php/component/content/article/431-the-american-cancer-society-admitted-that-untreated-cancers-often-go-away-naturally.html

New Cancer Drug Is So Effective Against Tumors, the FDA Approved It Immediately

New Cancer Drug Is So Effective Against Tumors, the FDA Approved It Immediately

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
A small but significant new study is blowing experts away after it found that a particular cancer drug overwhelmingly helped shrink or eradicate tumors in patients whose cancer had resisted every other form of treatment.

The study, which was published in the journal Science, followed 86 patients who had advanced cancer of the pancreas, prostate, uterus, or bone. The patients were given pembrolizumab, which also goes by the brand name Keytruda, and the results were very promising. Sixty-six patients had tumors that shrank significantly and stabilized; among them were 18 patients whose tumors disappeared and haven’t returned.

The patients all carried genetic mutations that kept their cells from fixing damaged DNA. Pembrolizumab is known as a PD-1 blocker, an emerging type of immunotherapy drug that helps the immune system find cancer cells and attack tumors.

The PD-1 immunotherapy drug Keytruda. (Image: Merck)
The study was small, and there was no control group (i.e., a group that didn’t receive pembrolizumab that scientists could compare results against), but the results were so striking that the FDA has already approved pembrolizumab for patients whose cancer comes from this particular genetic abnormality.

According to the New York Times, this is the first time a drug has been approved for use against tumors that share a particular genetic profile, regardless of where they appear in the body.

Dr. Jack Jacoub, a medical oncologist and director of thoracic oncology at MemorialCare Cancer Institute at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fountain Valley, Calif., tells Yahoo Beauty that the study was “interesting, welcomed, and exciting.”

There has been a general opinion that the immune system is integral in the development and spread of cancer, he points out, and these new findings show that targeting the immune system to treat cancer can be effective. “To finally see now proof that targeting the immune system improves the situation and doesn’t necessarily correlate with one specific cancer … that’s a really powerful message,” he says.

Jacoub also points out that the FDA’s move to approve pembrolizumab quickly was a big step. “The FDA doesn’t take these kinds of things lightly,” he says. “The data was so good, they had to approve it.”

Jacoub says he suspects that drugs like this will be used in the future in connection with more established cancer treatments for specific types of the disease. “This may improve outcomes,” he says. “This form of therapy, plus something else, may allow us to potentially cure and eradicate cancer. These are the steps that are getting us closer to that goal.”

That unseen force…

There is a force behind everything, it’s like an unseen energy… that energy is what makes the sperm meet the egg. This is the same force that makes a flower bloom and wake me up every morning that force, that energy I choose to call God.

Quantum Physics proves that Death is an Illusion

Is death an illusion?
Most scientists believe that the concept of an afterlife is a nuisance, or at least is untenable. However, there is a world-renowned scientist who claims to have evidence of the existence of life after death and that evidence is found in quantum physics.

Professor Robert Lanza says that the theory of Biocentrism shows us how death is an illusion created by our consciousness.
“We think that life is just work of carbons and a mixture of molecules – live a while and then rot in the ground” – said the scientist on his website. “We as people believe in death because we were taught to die or more precisely our consciousness connects life to the body, and we all know that our bodies die.”

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Quantum Physics proves that Death is an Illusion

The theory of biocentrism explains that death is not the end point, as is the perception of most people.

Biocentrism classifies as Theory of Everything and in Greek means “center of life“. This is the belief that life and biology are central to the reality and that life creates the universe, and not vice versa. To explain his theory Robert Lanza used examples of how we perceive the world around us.

People see the blue sky and they tell that the color they see is blue. Cells in the human brain, however, can be modified so that the sky looks green or red.

Our consciousness creates the world around us, but it can be changed and thus change the whole interpretation of the world. In the universe in terms of Biotsentrizma time and space do not interact in the way our mind perceives. In other words time and space are just tools of our mind. Assuming this theory of space and time, means death and immortality exist in a world without linear boundaries.

In theory, physicists believe that there is an infinite number of universes with different variations of the people and situations in them, which exist in parallel.

Lanza adds that anything that can happen occurs at some point in these multiverse. According to him, when we die our life becomes an “eternal flower” which is back and thriving in the Multiverse.
“Ultimately what we see can not exist without our awareness. Our mind gives meaning to the world “– explains Lanza.

Double Slit Experiment
The quantum two-slit experiment and how it supports the theory of Lanza.

In this experiment, the researchers observed particle that must pass through the two slits with a partition between them. When scientists observed the particle it behaves like matter and passes through one hole or the other.

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When the particle is not observed acts as a wave passes through two slits simultaneously. This means that matter and energy can exhibit the characteristics of wave and particle and particle behavior changes based on perception and consciousness of people.

“Life is an amazing adventure that can not fit into our linear way of thinking” – considered Lanza. “Death is most likely not as definitive as most of us believe.”

Lanza’s theory of the death of the race does not exist. This is only a concept which tries to explain the death of the biological body.

What is it exactly that keeps me alive…

Working ICU I remember the first EKG I did and couldn’t understand ‘WHAT’ exactly was making the heartbeat, showing the rhythm on the screen. They taught us all about the SA node and the electrical impulses etc….. Thirty years later I woke up thinking… The same thing that wakes us up every morning or makes a flower bloom is what makes our heart beat and beat and beat.